The island of St. Martin / St. Maarten is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, that you would enjoy as a snorkeler. At the island fine snorkeling sites offers you the privileged to explore the unique marine life. Snorkeling is a cost-effective way to enjoy the island hidden beautiful marine life.
The many colorful species of fishes and other underwater life can be viewed at different snorkeling locations of the island. Besides, this activity fits most ages, from the novice water explorer to the more advance.

There are several boats snorkeling excursion that are organized on the island where you can enjoy this discipline. Snorkeling outfits on the island are able to give you ideas of where to fine the best marine life, and locations that is recommended for beginners to snorkel.

The waters are so clear that you can see up to hundred feet and more in the water, thus giving you that joy of enjoying the ravishing beauty of the underwater world. Mullet Bay, Simpson Bay, Dawn Beach, Le Galion Beach are some of the most popular snorkeling sites on the island.