St. Martin Island / St. Maarten Island have 37 beaches to choose from. There is a beach for every square mile of the island. Most of the beaches offer some sort of water sport activity. You can enjoy quietness and privacy on most of the beaches of the island.

Mullet Bay Beach St Maarten Island

Mullet Bay Beach

Each beach have it’s own personality, they are all clean, sandy white, and the water is clear aqua blue. Some of the beaches are secluded others are not. The beaches on the western side of the island are great to look at the sunset in the afternoon, while the beaches on the eastern side of the island would provide you with great morning sun. In the waters of St. Martin / St. Maarten beaches, you can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, bodysurfing, volley ball and other beach or water activities.

Topless sunbathing is widely accepted on the beaches; the European culture is popular on the French side of the island. Clothing is optional on a portion of Orient Beach and at Copecoy beach.
Amenities to rent are available on most beaches.

St. Maarten Beaches 
Dutch Side

St. Martin Beaches 
French Side

Cupecoy Beach

Coralita Beach

Dawn Beach

Petit Cayes Beach

Great Bay Beach

Anse Marcel Beach

Guana Bay Beach

Baie Rouge Beach

Kimsha Beach

Baie Longue Beach

Little Bay Beach

Friars Bay Beach

Maho Beach

Grand Case Bay Beach

Mullet Bay Beach

Happy Bay Beach

Simpson Bay Beach

Le Galion Beach

Nettle Bay Beach

Orient Bay Beach

Petit Plage Beach

Pinel Island Beach

Plum Bay Beach

Tintamare Island